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Mary Claire McCarthy


Professional race car mechanic – an unexpected profession for one of our Windlift employees. In college, Brayden Summerlin earned a degree in race car building. While Brayden is a car enthusiast, he decided composite design was the lane he wanted to stay in.

Brayden rock climbing


As a composite technician, he now spends his time at Windlift creating parts for the Airborne Power Generator (APG). He’s worked at composite companies in the past and as a service manager at an automotive shop during the pandemic. He says that “there wasn’t anything for me at the auto shop – it was just a job. At Windlift, I am actually excited about the work I do.” 

As a composite technician, Brayden makes the various parts of the APG, simply put. He also assists with assembly once the parts are done. He says, “I really enjoy working with the material. And it’s always custom fabrication in some way. I like figuring out how to make something faster, better and more consistent. I also enjoy that things are always changing. Having variety in the day is nice.”

Outside of the office, Brayden continues to work on cars and rock climb. He enjoys all genres of music, though he has been on a house kick. Mediterranean and Indian foods are his favorite cuisine. Marvel movies are some of his favorites, though not for their artistic videography. Comedies and thrillers are a few other favorites. 

“Our world falling apart is probably the biggest reason I got interested in renewable energy. I’ve been passionate about it for a long time. I just think renewables are where we’re going to be headed whether we like it or not,” says Brayden. 

Renewable energy technology excites him for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that “renewable energy is so new. There are still so many ways to collect and harness energy. Literally, at Windlift, we’re developing a new type of wind energy technology, so it’s cool to be at the cutting edge of this technology.” 

If he could have a superpower, it would be telekinesis. Quantum mater manipulation, to be exact. This superpower basically takes telekinesis to a new level, where one could change matter and manipulate it at a cellular level. 

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  • August 10, 2022