Windlift’s  Airborne Power Generation (APG)  Systems enhance the ability to project combat power, save money and save lives.  

Save Money

Shipping fuel to remote locations is an ongoing logistics challenge for all branches of the military. The US Military spends as much as $15 billion annually filling generators overseas.

Save Lives

The US Military’s fuel resupply costs aren’t limited to dollars.

In 2007 alone, 170 casualties were related to fuel resupplies.


Persistent ISR

Windlift Systems can double as persistent platforms for ISR capabilities. The UAVs hover at altitudes up to 500 feet and produce their own power, allowing them to stay aloft indefinitely.

Windlift’s APG benefits for Military

Airborne Power Generation (APG) technologies can reduce generator fuel requirements at remote bases, and thereby reduce dangerous resupply convoys. 


Additionally, APG technologies can provide microgrid resiliency for forward deployed units and improve the capability of US forces to project combat power abroad.

Other Benefits

Windlift’s APG Systems store the power produced in a ground battery system backed up by a small generator, ensuring continuous output and redundancy. This allows Windlift’s systems to stay small and mobile so that power generation needs can be met anywhere at any time.

Renewable technologies promise to reduce fuel resupply needs, but existing wind and solar systems require large volumes, weight, and installation times to collect negligible amounts of power. 

Windlift APG solves these problems with over 7x the power density (power/mass) of solar systems and 10x the power density of existing wind turbine solutions.

  • Highly mobile (trailer-towed and man-portable units)
  • Autonomous and operational in 30 minutes
  • Reduce fuel resupply efforts by at least 70%, thus saving money and reducing casualties
  • Provide a persistent platform for communications and ISR capabilities

Windlift offers two APG Systems for the US Military

15kW HMMMV Towable 7′ LTT Trailer


6kW Man-Portable Ground Anchored System


15kW HMMMV Towable 7′ LTT Trailer
6kW Man-Portable Ground Anchored System

Windlift’s Power Output capabilities

A traditional small wind system with similar output would require a 100’ steel tower, 30’ diameter blades, and a 70-ton steel reinforced concrete foundation.

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