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Windlift Airborne Power Generation Systems

Windlift's Power Output capabilities

High Altitude Capture

Windlift’s Airborne Power Generation (APG) Systems harness energy from consistent, high-velocity winds due to their high operating altitude and unique aerodynamics.

Windlift’s Wing flies at up 400ft.

Windlift APG Systems operate beyond the limitations of traditional wind turbines or solar and produce up to 15kw per unit, anywhere in the world, in almost any weather condition.


Mobile Power

Windlift’s APG Systems operate much like the blade of a wind turbine, but without the tower and supporting infrastructure. As such, they can  capture the same energy with less than 10% of the material.


Windlift’s APG Systems store the power produced in a ground battery system backed up by a small generator, ensuring continuous output. This allows Windlift’s systems to stay small and mobile so that power generation needs can be met anywhere at any time.


A persistent Airborne platform

Persistent Airborne Platform

  • Operates indefinitely.  Never requires fuel or batteries.
  • Can carry payload(s) up to 10 lbs. allowing the quick mounting of surveillance and communication equipment.
  • Fully autonomous flight and operation.
  • Can operate continuously for 5 years without maintenance.
  • Deploys rapidly.
  • Operational in 30 minutes or less.

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