Department of Defense

Department of Defense

The DoD is preparing to sustain operations in a contested logistics environment. With this in mind, they need resilient, mobile power unhindered by complex refueling needs. The Windlift Airborne Power Generator provides this, equipping our forces with hyper-mobile power and C5ISR at the tactical edge.

U.S. Marine soldiers

Reduce Fuel Demand

The Windlift APG can significantly reduce fuel resupply costs by supplementing expensive diesel generators with a resilient, mobile, and inexpensive power supply.

Extend Operational Reach

Resilient, mobile power simplifies fuel logistics, extending operational reach and increasing freedom of maneuver.

Enhance Operations

The Windlift APG provides dual functionality as a self-sustaining C5ISR platform, bringing additional capability to the warfighter and reducing their reliance on vulnerable supply chains.

Disaster Response

Disaster Recovery

In the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, reliable power is one of the most critical resources needed to help communities get back on their feet. The Windlift APG enhances recovery efforts by quickly restoring power and communication in the wake of major disruptions. When grids, roads, and gas stations are destroyed, the APG delivers power no matter what.

Mobile Renewable Energy

Rapidly Deployable

Integrated Communications & Sensing

At only 50 lb, the Windlift APG is person portable while producing 4 kW. The mid-sized APG can produce 75 kW and fits in a standard shipping container. Both can be dropped off to otherwise inaccessible locations, thereby securing critical power.

The Windlift APG is an autonomous system that takes only 30 minutes to set up. Designed for push-button operation, it does not require a hands-on operator. Emergency first-responders can focus on their jobs knowing they’re depending on reliable, sustainable power.

Even the smallest APG can carry a 5 lb sensor and communication payload, providing services like WiFi and telecommunication in disaster areas.

Mobile Energy

Mobile Energy

Distributed power is a blooming industry. From off-grid users in the United States to remote island communities, the need for mobile, renewable power is growing. The Windlift APG goes one step farther – delivering power and communication capabilities in one hyper-mobile and resilient system.

Island community


The current system weighs only 50 lbs., while still producing enough energy to power the average U.S. home. It’s hyper-mobile, opening doors the door for many distributed energy applications. Public events like festivals, off-grid homes, and remote communities are just a few possibilities.

Lowered Carbon Footprint

Our system uses significantly less raw materials, lowering its environmental and economic cost. It uses 10X less steel, 8X less copper, and 33X less e-glass.

Scalable Energy

Our proprietary design and simulation environment enables rapid APG prototyping, so while we’re starting small with a 4 kW system, we can quickly scale to meet the energy needs of larger communities.