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We’re building the world’s lightest and most efficient renewable technology. Our Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) system is a tethered unmanned aerial vehicle that generates electricity from onboard turbines as it flies in a figure-eight pattern.

Our Airborne Power Generator (APG) is unlike any other renewable technology. It generates 10X more power than PV solar, using 95% fewer materials than an equivalent traditional wind turbine.

This next-generation technology harnesses stronger, more persistent winds with a significant material reduction – reducing capital and maintenance costs and expanding site placement options. In addition to providing resilient power, our APG is designed to carry communications or sensor payloads.

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The APG Solution

“The clean energy transition is going to be constrained by the limited supply of critical materials like copper and aluminum. To continue moving to a clean economy, we need to find ways to build renewable technologies using less material, and we need to generate that power closer to where it is needed so that we aren’t devoting limited resources to transmission lines.”

Robert Creighton, Windlift Founder & CEO
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Target Markets

Department of Defense

Department of Defense

Equip our forces with resilient and carbon-free power, thereby reducing fuel supply risk in contested environments.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Provide first responders with off-grid power for essential services in the wake of natural disasters.

Mobile Energy

Mobile Energy

Enable reliable, portable power for off-grid applications.

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