Island nations and remote outposts are dependent on petroleum products for baseload energy generation.

Renewable energy promises to break this unsustainable cycle, but traditional renewable technologies require huge capital investments with 10-20 year payback periods.

Poor nations simply can not afford this transition.

Airborne wind energy will be the lowest cost electricity of the 21st Century.


Windlift airborne wind energy offers a way out of this cycle. Requiring 95% less concrete and steel, Windlift’s anchored buoys allow tethered aerobots to harvest electricity anywhere there is wind, on and off-shore.  These anchored buoys can be quickly relocated as energy needs change, or to avoid the impact of large tropical storms.

Flying at 500-800 feet, the organic flight paths of Windlift’s machines move in harmony with the natural environment, avoiding the negative visual impact of permanent steel structures dotting the landscape and ocean vistas.

The elevated vehicles also provide an ideal platform for high-bandwidth communications and local security.

Windlift Airborne Wind Energy

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A New Approach in Achieving Energy Security


Rob Creighton – CEO

Rob had the idea for Windlift in 2004 while working in a biotechnology laboratory at UW-Madison. An inveterate tinker, Rob believed that recent advances in computer and materials technology would enable a new class of tethered aircraft to harness high altitude wind energy. After discovering the foundational work of Miles Loyd in 2007, Rob abandoned a career in biotechnology for Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) and never looked back.

Rob was recently published in IEEE Spectrum magazine. To read the article, Click Here.

Mark Aull – VP of Aerospace

Mark joined Windlift in 2013 and has greatly expanded the technical capabilities of the company. Coming from NASA Langley, Mark was instrumental in developing their AWE technology demonstrator. His background in aerospace engineering coupled with a gift for software and hardware integration have made him an invaluable addition to the Windlift team. While at Windlift, Mark is also pursuing his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

Andy Stough – CTO

Andy joined Windlift in 2009 and leads technical development for the company. His rich background in mechanical engineering includes decades of experience at Caterpillar, Westinghouse, and Battelle. His broad experience managing complex projects and his technical brilliance have driven Windlift’s system development to ever greater heights.

Holly Mayo Borden

Holly joined Windlift in 2016. Her background introducing emerging technologies in the elearning and telehealth industries is helping to catalyze the development and adoption of Windlifts’s technology, airborne wind energy (AWE). Holly facilitates public/private partnerships, and leads Windlift’s marketing and public relations departments.

Ed White – Advisor

Ed is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Field2Base, Inc., a Morrisville, NC based technology company that uses tablet computers, wireless communications and Field2Base software to support mobile forms automation for a variety of vertical markets.He is also the founder of White Ventures LLC, a private equity and commercial real estate development company.

In 1980, after working for Westinghouse Electric Corporation for several years, Ed founded Utility Translation Systems, Inc. (UTS), a very successful remote-meter reading software company headquartered in Raleigh, NC. In 1996 he sold UTS to Itron, Inc., a leading supplier of energy information and communications solutions to the utility industry. He served as Itron’s Chairman of the Board until retiring in 2003 and has been a frequent speaker on metering, smart grid, and deregulation of the power supply industry at industry conferences throughout the world.

Ed is a graduate of the North Carolina State University School of Engineering, and is past president and member of the university’s Engineering Foundation’s Board of Directors. He has served on the Board of Directors of Morrisville’s Chamber of Commerce and is their former chairman. He is also the former Chairman of the Board for GRIDiant, Inc., and is on the board of directors for Stewart Engineering, Research Triangle Regional Partnership, Causam Energy, and a former director of eMeter. He isChairman and a founding board member of the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster. He has also served as president of North Ridge Country Club.

Neil Hughes – Advisor

Neil is a consultant in the energy sector having recently held the position of Head of Technology for National Grid. As an Electrical Engineer with 30 years’ experience in industry in a variety of technical, strategy and business development roles, he has detailed knowledge of the energy sector and the challenges facing the industry in securing a low carbon future in a safe, reliable and affordable way. His particular interest is in identifying and supporting early stage disruptive technologies/companies that can transform the sector.

Neil is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the IET and member of their Energy Policy Panel. He sits on a number of advisory boards in the UK and US.


We are interested in talking  to investors and professionals who are as passionate as we are about the next generation of airborne wind energy systems.

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